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How To Reduce Swelling Of The Legs?

In the morning, your feet and legs seem to be normal, however before the day’s over, they are swollen and you can barely wait to take a rest.

Swelling, either edema, is made when liquid created in the tissue, as a result of the troublesome stream of blood and lymph.

Foot lesion occurs especially during the summer, when you may even notice yourself when under the influence of sun and heat, blood vessels and capillaries spread.

Here are some tips on how to help yourself if you feel swollen feet and feet:

  • Reduce salt intake, salt contributes to fluid retention.
  • Somewhere around 10-15 minutes daily rest, so you lie on your back and stretch your legs up.
  • Practice regularly – workout improves circulation.
  • Reduce excess weight – excess weight slows down the circulation of body fluids and adds pressure to your veins.
  • Keep away from long sitting periods – about every two hours, get up and take a walk.

If symptoms persist, contact a doctor.

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