Detoxification Of The Body

The more toxins we store in the body, the sooner we age. Practicing detoxification of the organism dates back thousands of years. There are numerous approaches to filter the body from unsafe substances. Some methods are targeted at individual systems of the organs (liver, kidneys, hoses, skin, lungs …) and some relate to the body as a whole.

Carrying out a diet based on fresh fruit, juices, water and teas, for two or more days a week, is just one of the ways to get rid of the substances that contaminate your body. A slightly more rigorous method involves a multi-day post based on juice. In that case, prior consultation with an expert is necessary.

Here are a few instances of sustaining with fruits and vegetables, which can be of extraordinary help during the time spent filtering and restoring the body and skin:

Apple – improves and disturb the skin and liver. The apple has a laxative impact, in this manner it is vital during the time spent purifying the gut.

Beetroot – the juice of this vegetable helps in “feeding” the liver.

Carrot – rich in antioxidants, including beta carotene and vitamins A, C and E. Moreover, it is wealthy in minerals and proteins that battle aging. Betacarotene enters into the cell’s external layer and gives security from the sun, and at the same time from the premature wrinkles.

Celery – helps regulate the pH of the blood balance.

Melon – the melon juice is perfect for sanitizing the kidneys. Juice should be consumed alone, and not combined with other fruits and vegetables.

Garlic, onions, leeks, broccoli – vegetable containing sulfur, acts against the aging process, the onset of cancer, and stimulates the action of detoxification enzymes.

Plant protein (Salmоn, organic chicken and tofu products) are rich in amino acids that prepare toxins for elimination.

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