Food That Causes Caries

Our face most enhances the grin. Furthermore, to have a pleasant grin we should have solid teeth. In any case, regardless of how hard we attempt, it is difficult to keep our teeth healthy, and particularly from caries. This normal tooth illness is regularly brought about by foods that contain sucrose. These are sweets, various tests, honey … and the most dangerous are jelly bombs.

Recent research: However, the amount of sugar in some foods is not the first reason to get cavities. Namely, it was found that the time of food in the mouth was decisive because the sugar at that time was glued to the teeth. This means the longer you are, the greater the likelihood of caries.

In other words, the amidone contained in the bread, cakes and grains, sugar which in its tendency should cause less caries than sucrose, it remains longer in the mouth and appears aggressively.

If you eat quite a lot of amidone-rich foods, eat them with dairy products, because calcium strengthens your teeth. So eat bread with cheese, and grain with milk.

Gelatin keeps bacteria: Caries are mostly caused by jelly candy, adhering to teeth, retaining bacteria for a certain amount of time and creating an ideal breeding ground and preparation for attack.  In the event that you can not avoid, take a sweet without gelatin, or even better cube black chocolate.

And tea can contain sugar and cause acid secretion in the mouth, which begins the process of demineralization, and this is the first step in making caries.

This means that snacks, apple (fructose (sugar) acid) and even sweetened teas pose a threat to your teeth. Therefore, it will be best to try to limit yourself, and less to consume from these groceries.

Regularly eat solid foods: They work out the muscles of the jaw, their movement, improve chewing and increase the salivation of saliva. The saliva protects the teeth, cleanses it and reduces acidity in the mouth.

The outcome is clear and helpful: pick a steak rather than a burger. Between fruit and compote, regardless of its smell and sweetness, choose fresh fruit.

Bubble sugar without sugar after a meal, if you are unable to wash your teeth. You should not forget the hygiene of your teeth and forget it. Instead of dessert, eat cheese. While many groceries increase the likelihood of curry, cheese reduces acidity in the mouth and neutralizes the harmful effect of the groceries. Cheese is ideal for the end of a meal, provided you do not have a high cholesterol. It is rich in calcium and phosphorus and increases the protective effect of saliva.

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