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Why Is It Better To Eat Cold Potatoes And Green Bananas?

Because you think about your health, cooking carrots on steam, throwing chilled potatoes because you are suspicious, or do you often forget the pasta to remove them from the fire and make them wet? Experts believe that you can do better.

Cold potatoes

As soon as they are digested, the starch cells in the potato grow swollen and begin to decompose, making it easier to digest. But if it cools after digestion, the stubble turns into a shape that is harder to digest.  Be that as it may, this starch, just as the fiber, finishes in the colon, and it is clearly acting in the smooth guideline of the gut.

Carrots, however, are better to boil in water than steam

In comparison with raw steamed carrots, carrots that are cooked in water have more carotenoids –  an antioxidant that the body uses to deliver vitamin A, critical for development, propagation, invulnerability, solid skin, eyes and hair. A hundred grams of boiled carrots contain 28 mg of vitamin C, slightly less than the 31 mg cheese, in contrast to that steamed with only 19 mg of vitamin C.

Tea should boil for at least one minute

Do you realize that tea contains polyphenol, antioxidants that keep the cells of the heart? They are discharged just if the tea remains somewhere in the range of one and four minutes in boiling water.

Carefully with swords! do not overdo the pasta!

Luckily after our digestion pasta has a low glycemic list that gives the sentiment of longer satiety. However, this applies only in the cases is cooked al dente. The starch is gradually breaking down, and prepared sugar is bit by bit discharged into the circulatory system. The wrapped pasta really has the contrary impact.

Eat green bananas

The straw in bananas during ripening turns into sugar. Accordingly, how much banana is greener and youthful, contains less sugar and a more prominent measure of starch that our body can not straighten out so effectively, and the glycemic list is lower. More starch goes to the colon, and we get less calories from it.

Oil in salad

You will best use the salad if you pour a little oil with olive oil or add an avocado containing healthy monosate fats. Our body needs fat to use the nutrients it has in the vegetables.

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