Excessive fat

Strange Signs That You Are Exaggerating With Fat

Excessive fat intake not only leads to obesity, but also serious health problems.

Fats are divided into useful and harmful. Therefore, you should not be deprived of the benefits. Cells need them to divide properly. The immune system also needs fatty acids and proteins to function well and be effective.

But the abuse of saturated fat leads to dangerous diseases that endanger life.

Certain symptoms that we experience can be due to the love of the oily foods. Who are they?

Memory Problems

You are youthful, you are indispensable, and you can not recall the natural actualities and occasions. You are losing subtleties, notwithstanding pondering what you have served –  suddenly everything from your mind has evaporated!

All of this may be due to the rich in harmful fat diet. Studies have shown that huge amounts of saturated fat and transaminases interfere with cognitive and mental processes in the brain.

They cause premature aging and derive from memory problems.

Do not think that all the fat is the same

We have just said that fats are commonly partakenin good and bad. Good fats, including omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats, are the most ideal.

Transmisites or the so-called. processed fats are one of the most dangerous. They are found in margarine, for example, as well as a large number of finished products. They meddle with cholesterol levels, increment it, and along these lines increment the danger of genuine cardiovascular ailments.

You have high cholesterol

If your cholesterol level is extremely high or even just slightly overestimated, you probably have a problem with taking fat. Of course, sometimes cholesterol also increases due to known tolerances or diseases of the metabolism. But in most cases this is due to excessive consumption of saturated fat.

You are constantly eating fried and greasy snacks

You’re a lover of a quick breakfast? Love to eat something delectable, which is normally sink in oil? It’s true, all these snacks and fast-cooked dishes are very delicious.

But too much consumption leads to a number of problems – obesity, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease.

If you can not hold onto your desire to eat from these foods, it may be due to the fact that the body is addicted to these fats and wants it.

More often you need to drink acids against acids

Have you at any point thought about why you have acids? One reason might be on the grounds that the dimensions of abundance soaked fat in your body are excessively high.

The more you consume the fat, the more the acids break the stomach, to compensate for digestion. If you notice that you are more likely to have acids, imagine – it may be due to the acceptance of saturated fat.

Cook all your dishes with oil

The oil contains a large amount of saturated fat. The consumption of oil before that of margarine is desirable, but it needs to be closely monitored with the quantities.

On the off chance that the style of cooking essentially includes oil time is to transform it. This can truly hurt the health condition.

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