The Best Vitamin Supplements After A Workout

On the off chance that you are managing sports and routinely preparing, nutritionists suggest that after a strenuous exercise you should drink a delectable vitamin cocktail, which will help you rapidly recoup and restore strength.

Honey, almonds and milk for regeneration

This cocktail will help you restore muscle fibers after heavy exercises engaging muscles on certain parts of the body, such as cycling or intense aquatic. After exercise, it needs effectively edible proteins and sugars.

Blend: 150 grams of crushed almonds, 1.5 deciliters of milk, 50 grams of cream cheese, 2 tablespoons of honey and spoon regular concentrate of vanilla. Mix to get a mixture of singing and drink it immediately.

Carrot and lemon eliminate salt

After heavy running and aerobics during which you are too busy, with this potion you will encourage the work of the kidneys and the liver and accelerate the removal of toxins from the body.

Blend: 2 deciliters of carrot juice and one lemon juice. Add a drop – two essential oil of a grapefruit and a spoonful of honey, so mix well so that the honey melts completely.

Grapefruit against inflammation

To counteract aggravation of the joints and muscles after strenuous activities, but also to encourage the production of collagen in the body, drink this potion.

Mix: juice of a grapefruit with half tablespoon ginger powder and spoon honey. Add water as desired in grapefruit juice and mix well.

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