Mint tea

Mint, A Natural Remedy For Many Diseases

Mint tea has every household, mostly because of the pleasant taste and smell. Do you know how he is healing? Nearly no disease that does not cure it!

One of the most remarkable medicinal herbs from our region is applied. No matter what the cows are, it is completely safe for use and is a very good means of calming a variety of health problems, and all this has a pleasant taste.

It cures spasms, stomach irritation, allergies … Previously, mint tea was utilized as a way to battle wrinkles, to diminish the desire to upchuck, against cholera, ear torment and wicked emission from the lungs. Today, mint tea is utilized as a solution for diminishing the side effects of poor processing: issues, swelling, stomach bothering, crabby entrail, retching. It can mitigate menstrual grievances, help with aggravation of the mucous film in the mouth, and as a type of inhaler acts positively on the aviation routes and is frequently prescribed as a way to treat sleep deprivation. Mint coatings are utilized for drained and red eyes.

Mint can likewise be utilized to improve appetite. After a cup of tea, the feeling of hunger stops for a short time, but then the appetite increases. Accordingly, those individuals who need to build their body weight are educated to take a glass concerning mint tea thirty minutes before eating.

With the exception of as tea, you can discover it as pills, tinctures, fundamental oils, cymbals for quieting throat torment. The action is the same or the like.

Tea for relaxation

Mint has always been used to treat colds and it is very successful, but it is also effective in calming and strengthening the nerves. Combined with rosemary and nipple increases psychic resistance and cures emotional instability. The tea is prepared by mixing the same amount of these three herbs and one spoon of this mixture is boiled with a cup of boiled water and left to stand for 10 minutes. Drink three cups a day, preferably before eating.

Against diarrhea and diseases of digestive organs

Make a blend of mint and chamomile in equivalent extent. Three large tablespoons of this mixture boil with half a liter of boiled water and leave it to stand for two hours, then sweep the tea. This tea can be used by children.

Against insomnia

In 60 grams of hops (Humulus lupus) add 20 grams of mint and the same amount of lemon (Melissa officinalis),blend this, so from this blend you take three substantial spoons and blend with a large portion of a liter of boiled water. Cover it and after two hours strain it and drink the tea sip in the sip.

It is also effective if it is mixed with 10 grams of mint and Valeriana officinalis and this mixture is rubbed with 2.5 deciliters of boiled water. Drink before bedtime.

Against migraine

Five drops of fundamental oil from mint to a cube of sugar. This effectively works against dizziness, migraine, headache and nausea.

Mint, except as medicinal tea, is also used as a spice for various dishes, especially for meat dishes and game meat.

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