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Common Houseleek, Keeps The House And Health

As indicated by society convention, the common houseleek the house and family from flame, just as from vampires and witches. Be that as it may, Semprevivium tectorium L. (Crassulaceae) is a characteristic solution for some diseases.

Common houseleek is an enduring herb that can grow up to 30 centimeters. With respect to its reality in nature, it is very much endured by low and high temperatures. It is resistant to drought, because the inside of its leaves are filled with water supplies. This herb can grow anywhere – between rocks, rocks, different types of soil, roofs of houses. So it’s not unusual for the common houseleek to grow on the balcony, in pots.

The color of the leaves of this herb can be green, bordeaux or purple, and the flowers appear at the top and are mostly red. If you are wondering what is curative in the contents of the guardhouse, the answer is apple and oily acid. This herb is found in folk medicine, and modern research focuses on polysaccharides from the juice of the common houseleek, because the juice is attributed to the action of the immune system, as well as the treatment of carcinogenic diseases.

Outer use

From the scope of remedial activities that the common houseleek has, the most well known is that this herb wipes out the abundance fat from the ear canal. Likewise, the juice from the leaves of the common houseleek is a decent characteristic solution for wounds to the skin, wounds and consumes. Likewise, the therapeutic juice of this herb has been utilized for a long time to evacuate moles, yet in addition to expel stains brought about by the sun.

Inflammation of the ear

Cut a few sheets of the common houseleek midway and press a few drops of juice on the painful ear. Leave the fluid for a couple of minutes, at that point turn your head with the goal that the fluid can escape the ear.

Internal use

If the leaves of the common houseleek are combined with honey, then it is especially effective in inflammation of the oral cavity. The juice of this herb is a good diuretic, and there is also a laxative action. Common houseleek is also used in case of tension, nervousness and fears.

To strengthen the body

Pile the leaves of the common houseleek into the blender, then place them in a plastic bowl and mix with the honey. Mix a nice mixture with a wooden or plastic spoon. Then put the mixture in a larger jar and close the jar. To prevent light from reaching the whole jar, cover it with aluminum foil. Leave the jar in the refrigerator for 5 days. On the sixth day of the empty stomach, take two tablespoons of the mixture and do not eat anything in the next 20 minutes, but drink some water.

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