The Sudden Waiver Of Unhealthy Foods Causes Anxiety And Headache

If you have felt strange or have had a headache after giving up the unhealthy diet, that’s because you are going through the symptoms of addiction, experts say.

According to the examination of nutritionists, distributed in the magazine Live Science, individuals who unexpectedly quit eating chips or cakes endure indistinguishable side effects from the individuals who quit smoking cigarettes. In those cases, they may encounter unsteadiness, uneasiness, yearning, migraine, and a sleeping disorder.

During the research, experts asked 200 people who had been on a diet in recent years to answer several questions about the symptoms. Their answers showed that almost everyone faces physical and physical difficulties due to the waiver of unhealthy foods.

The research team leader, psychologist Erica Schulte,  said this was the principal investigation of the symptoms individuals may experience  because of food.

“This research suggests how processed foods, which usually contain excessive amounts of sugar, can also make it addictive,” Erika said.

However, experts from the University of Michigan did not explicitly investigate the intensity of the symptoms in the respondents. Nonetheless, they trust that the outcomes they have come are an extraordinary beginning stage for future research on food dependency.

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