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You Do Not Know Why Your Nails Are Broken? You May Be Doing These Things.

On the off chance that you have an issue with feeble and thin nails, which are always broken or pinched, you are surely wondering what is the reason for this.

Breakable nails can be very irritated, but also painful, so we offer a few tips from dermatologist Debra Jaliman.She clarifies why this issue comes up and how you can settle it.

“Nails comprise of a few layers, and the nail plate comprises of keratin, which is really a protein. When you have a protein lack, there is a breakdown, “said Dr. Yaliman, and stressed that stripping nails could be an indication of serious illness.

However, he adds that these are the most common reasons:

1.You lack iron

The most common cause of thin nails is iron deficiency in the blood. Therefore, it’s time to start consuming iron-containing foods.

2.Use your nails as aids

On the off chance that you need to remove marks from different items with your nails or remove the cards and cash from the wallet with them, recall that you can harm them.

3.Wear artificial or gel nails

In the event that you wear fake nails or put a nail gel, when you evacuate them, your nails will be too thin and will be presented to breaking and peeling. The doctor advises you to stop putting artificial nails first, but if you can not remove them, after you remove them, protect your nails with a thick layer of nail polish.

4.Do not wear gloves while washing dishes

The specialist encourages you to utilize gloves, notwithstanding when your hands are submerged, and notwithstanding when you wash your dishes.

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