Here’s Why You Should Not Look At Your Smartphone Before Going To Bed

We are certain that you, as a great many people, spend your the last part of your day in bed with your favorite smart device.

Smartphones have become so involved in our everyday life that we go hard without them in the toilet, even in bed. Sometimes we fell asleep on TV, but it now acts like a past because most of us sink in the sleep holding the phone in their hands.

In any case, the most recent research demonstrates that cell phones really impact drowsiness, your mental health and even on the nature of your dream.  The phones emit a blue light that has a bad influence, especially when you are exposed to it before you sleep. If you need to see something on your phone before falling asleep, do it with a light in the room, and not in the dark because it will reduce the influence of the blue light.

Studies that were recently conducted included a larger group of respondents who spent half an hour on their smartphones before going to bed. The individuals who did it had issues with a sleeping disorder, frequently envisioning bad dreams and awakening more worn out than they were, while individuals who did not utilize cell phones before going to bed were free of such inconvenience.

Also, individuals could not sleep at night. Doctors claim that smart devices, that is, the blue light emitted through their screens are responsible for this. That’s why there are new models that come with the option of eliminating the blue light and providing you with a more pleasant eye image, but it is not even advised to use the device in the dark for too long.

That is the reason specialists encourage you to utilize the telephone in the living room, with the included light, and leave the bed for what it is expected for, which is sleep.

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