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6 Ways To Get Up Early Without Feeling Tired

We all know that to rest, we need seven to eight hours of sleep at night. Although this is a long-standing belief, however, several recent studies have shown that this claim is not entirely true. More specifically, the Surrey Center for Sleep Research located in the UK claims that the quantity of sleep is not as important as the quality is important. Well, the optimal amount of sleep will vary with each person, and is usually thought to be sufficient for five to nine hours. After enjoying the long and peaceful sleep, in the morning you need to wake up rested and energized for the upcoming day. There are several ways in which you can accomplish this, and in the following, look at the 6 most useful ones.

How to prepare before you fall asleep

1.Avoid drinking coffee, red wine or eating chocolate

On the off chance that you need to appreciate a profound and tranquil sleep, at that point it is imperative to give the important serenity to your body. To swim in a profound sleep, it takes around four hours, and in the event that you have consistent interferences amid this period, at that point you won’t get the essential sleep, and the sentiment of weariness will show up in the first part of the day. One of the most common causes leading to restless sleep is the consumption of certain foods and drinks that may impair your digestive system and interrupt your sleep. Coffee, red wine and chocolate milk are typical examples of this, so keep them away for as long as possible before going to bed. Try not to consume these products after lunch time, but if this is not possible, try at least eliminating them from your diet after six o’clock in the morning.

2.Go to the bathroom before you go to bed

Some people go to the bathroom right away before going to bed, but others have a habit of reading, watching TV or playing games before falling asleep. During this time the bladder can be filled. To avoid bedding, and thus disrupt your sleep, try to go to the bathroom immediately before falling asleep. In this way, it is more likely that during the night you will not need to get up again, so in the morning you will look more rested.

3.Make sure your room respects the basic Feng Shui rules

In spite of the fact that feng shui isn’t something that everybody accepts, in any case, by following a few fundamental standards of sorting out the vibe of your room, you can give a progressively serene sleep that will add to having more energy in the first part of the day. The appearance of your room is the most significant part of Feng Shui, however the setting of your bed is likewise significant. Namely, it should be placed in such a way that when you lie you will be able to see the door without being directly exposed when it opens. This provides a high level of confidence when you sleep, and you have a comfortable sleep. Furthermore, the colors that you use in your room are also significant. The positive look can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep, so try to create an ideal atmosphere in the room where you sleep. A combination of blue and green shades is recommended, because they cause a sense of calm, calmness and harmony.

What to do after you wake up?

4.Focus on something that makes you happy and excited

Feelings of stress and anxiety are always worse in the morning, thanks to the combination of subconscious thinking and the increased amount of cortisol in the body. This can make you feel tired, so try to focus on something positive that should happen that day. For example, you can plan an exciting event or think of the journey you are expecting. By concentrating on such things from the earliest starting point of the day, you will dispose of the sentiment of weariness.

5.Try to exercise every morning

When you are able to get up early and not feel tired, this feeling can disappear if you do not care. Therefore, you can include routine exercises here in the morning, because they have the potential to improve your mood and increase the level of concentration. This is because simple exercise, such as running, can relieve stress and even pain in some cases. It has also been proven that exercising in the morning increases energy for the next day.

6.Hydrate your body as you become

As indicated by different examinations, the manner in which you hydrate your body when you wake up, impacts your psychological state. Drink a glass of water before breakfast, so you can enable your body to wake up quicker. In terms of consuming hot drinks with your breakfast, try not to consume coffee daily. Although it has long been thought that this is the best way to stimulate the senses, however, some studies have shown that your body gradually gets used to the effects of caffeine, and over time you will need more time to achieve the desired results . Consume coffee, but try to be moderate!

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