Why Not Combine Meat And Potatoes?

French fries and meat are a combination of combining, yet the blending of protein and starch is a truly awful idea.

Avoid the intake of proteins and carbohydrates in a meal.

You ought not eat bread, oats and rice in mix with fish, eggs, meat, dairy items or tofu. These are the worst possible combinations of groceries.

Your body needs a basic base for digestion and acid base for digestion of proteins. At the point when the chemicals begin to process the starch, the nearness of soluble compounds hinders the assimilation of proteins. Therefore, you may feel bloated. Proteins and starch are appropriate to verdant green vegetables, so join them along these lines and abstain from eating them together.

Eat protein only with vegetables, and starchy groceries, such as potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and baked good, also combine them with vegetables only.

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