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Should We Keep Food in Plastic Boxes?

In pretty much every household, plastic boxes are utilized constantly, regardless of whether to preserve food more conveniently in order to take up less space or to protect it with the cover from accepting various smells. In spite of the fact that we are continually utilizing plastic cases, we rarely consider whether it is healthy to keep our food in them.

The response to this inquiry is given by “Hall”, disclosing that so as to see if a plastic box is suitable to keep its food in it, the first thing to see is what the target is being produced.

The international symbol, which reveals this, is in the form of a cup with a fork. If it has, then the materials from which the box was made are specially designed to have no problem contacting the food.

The second component to be considered is the maker’s symbol for the producer’s guidelines. By making plastic boxes suitable for microwave ovens, the maximum and minimum temperatures to which they can be exposed, whether we can put them in the dishwasher, etc. On the off chance that we don’t pursue these rules, we enable poisonous particles in plastic to infiltrate our food.

What is bisphenol A?

One of the greatest risks related with plastics is determined by a toxic agent used to change the attributes of materials, to be specific questionable bisphenol A (BPA).

Its long-standing use remains one of the main debates between scientists and European authorities who can not completely prohibit it, but reduce the maximum levels of exposure of this pollutant.

In 2011, the EU legislation reached a maximum of 0.6 mg per kilogram of food, which with the revision of 2018 was 0.05 mg.

Reduction is very important, though it has not yet reached France’s level, where it was completely forbidden to be used in all products that are in contact with food a few years ago.

Bisphenol A will be a manufactured substance that changes the working of the hormone framework and is related with ailments, for example, malignant growth, diabetes, fruitlessness, corpulence, chemical imbalance and some cardiovascular ailments.

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