Spice That Replaces The Pills Against Pain

Instead of getting the first signs of pain on pills, you should go after the turmeric, an Indian spice from the ginger family. For him and the science affirmed and demonstrated that the spice is worth as much gold.

For quite a long time, turmeric has been utilized as a characteristic painkiller, clinical research conducted on 109 patients who suffered from osteoarthritis on the knee, has demonstrated this. A group of patients received 800 milligrams of “ibuprofen” daily for six weeks. Other patients simultaneously received 2,000 milligrams of turmeric.

The level of physical activity of both groups of patients was strictly observed. It turned out that those who received the curcuma had better results and a lower level of pain. Scientists also found that ibuprofen is very harmful to the body and that it should be consumed very carefully.

You can get the turquoise in almost every store.

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