How Does The Brain Work During A Dream?

The brain is the perfect machine. However, science has not solved all of its mechanisms. Sleep is also a specific mechanism, with a number of “magic” occurring. Do not think sleeping is just for sleeping and for “recharging the batteries”.

At each phase of the dream, the brain performs complex activities that help the body function.

Go through the stages

The fantasy has explicit stages. The first phase is the so-called. NREM phase, characterized by slow eye movement. Next, there are periods of NREM 2 and 3 that are preceding the REM phase of rapid eye movement.

The whole sleep cycle endures around 90 to 120 minutes altogether, because the person has such cycles an average of 4 or 5 per night.

The brain is cleansed

When someone says he is waking up as a brand new or reborn, he does not lie. A study from 2013, conducted at the University of Rochester, found that waste disposal systems and brain toxins were activated just during sleep.

These waste materials collect amid the day, and amid the night amid sleep, the body can dispose of them. Another motivation to endeavor to sleep enough.

As per the exploration of sleep, spinal liquid is siphoned a lot quicker amid sleep than amid the day in dynamic conditions. Through this mechanism, the brain is released from unnecessary cells that at a later stage cause degenerative diseases of the nervous system, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Memories are being created

During sleep, the brain can transmit short-term information and recent events in long-term memory. This is a backup of the information that recently came to the computer’s hard drive.

Scholar scientist and researcher at the University of Berkeley, Matthew Walker, even believes that sleeping after learning helps more and more to remember the information. This is how new brain structures are created to keep new information in the long run and analyze it.

You are paralyzed

The cerebrum does this for your safety. As indicated by the exploration of sleep amid the REM rest, the piece of the cerebrum in charge of engine neurons is deactivated. As a result, the muscles are also deactivated, resulting in temporary paralysis.

Paralysis during sleep usually lasts about 20 minutes during the most intense phase of sleep. That’s why you can move, expel your partner, or quit the bed to the end.

What more miracles does the brain do during sleep?

He returns the energy.

It improves skills, including dancing, driving, sports achievements, voice capabilities.

It makes you more capable and more confident in making decisions.

Creative thinking and creativity are increasing considerably.

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