How To Properly Warm Up Before And After The Sport

Read our tips for proper preparation before and after exercise!

Preheat and cool properly

The study showed that two-thirds of the participants forget to conduct proper heating, cooling and stretching during exercise. Sixty percent admit that they do not know how to practice safely without getting hurt. As a result, two fifths agreed not to heat up at all, and this is a common cause of pain.

Sleep enough

More than 66% concurred that lack of sleep may likewise be a conceivable reason for damage, with 43% saying they frequently endeavor to show signs of improvement night’s rest when they get injured after exercise.

Do not get under pressure from colleagues

The participants acknowledged that the pressure from colleagues and friends is often the reason they are overpowering too strongly that results in an injury. Others worked harder to be better than colleagues, and some tested their borders in an effort to impress them.

Give yourself time to recover

Just under three-quarters of the participants in the test said that recovery was important for them, but just over a third treat pain with rest. A quarter believe that they should not have vacation days, fearing that they will lose their fitness levels.


Magnesium supplementation

Poor sleep, muscle tension, and pain are symptoms of a potential deficiency of magnesium. This mineral energy is vital for anyone who performs any kind of exercise.

Huge numbers of us have a hindrance, yet recuperation is fundamental so we can hit the following activity session prior and harder.

Magnesium is essential in helping to improve muscle function and flexibility, to maintain the electrolyte balance, and to reduce fatigue. It is also vital for skeletal strength and energy production, and will help you sleep after a workout through its ability to relax your muscles.

Seven out of ten of us experience the ill effects of low dimensions of magnesium. The truth of the matter is that we don’t get enough from our day by day diet, so specialists encourage us to accept it as an enhancement before going to bed.

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