The Disease Can Be Spotted On The Face


Cramped libs may indicate a stroke and in rare cases lung cancer. Redness in the eyes is usually harmless, but if you notice that the eye proteins are often red, it may be associated with increased blood pressure or high fever. Redness in the eyes may be due to an inflammation of the cornea of the eye or allergic conjunctivitis.

Trembling of the eye happens because of expanded pressure. On the off chance that this condition holds on for over seven days, it might show various sclerosis.

The white ring around the iris might be an indication of expanded cholesterol. In the event that there are little, white spots on the edges of the eyelids or the skin around the eyes, they are conceivable to cholesterol.

Pale lids are a sign of anemia. Iron deficiency can be detected in the oral cavity and on the cheeks. Symptoms of anemia are weakness, fainting, and a feeling of cold, and are revealed by a simple blood test.

The white ring around the iris might be an indication of expanded cholesterol.


Face redden may demonstrate coronary illness, lupus, or menopause with regards to ladies.

A swollen face might be an indication of an upset thyroid, and when it is moderated, your digestion backs off. This can prompt expanded body weight, which can be seen on the face.

Difficult and dry skin causes tingling is normally a manifestation of dermatitis. Be that as it may, certain drugs can make tingling and a sentiment uneasiness the skin.


Dry, cracking painful lips, may mean that you lack iron in your blood. Another possible reason for this is diabetic, which follows and thirst, fatigue and frequent visits to the bathroom.


Dry skin around the nose can show rosacea. This perpetual malady frequently happens because of the stagnation of the veins on the face. The nose at that point ends up plainly swollen. Specialists suggest keeping away from sun, hot sustenance and liquor.


Tumor – benign or malignant – in the ear canal or the inside of the ear can cause changes in shape or curvature

If you notice any of these changes, consult your doctor immediately.

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