Ginger is a plant from a family of lilies originating in China. Besides fresh, ginger (dried or powdered) is also used as a spice. But, except in gastronomy, ginger has a significant application in medicine, especially in folk medicine.

Ginger has been used in Asia for centuries to treat nausea, problems with digestion, toothache, bleeding, rheumatism and heart disease. Gingerbreads help the body get rid of the accumulated fatty deposits and toxins that create a slowdown in the flow of energy.

Today, there is even ginger therapy that is useful for stiff and sore muscles, chronic back pain, and people who have long been consuming milk and dairy products that create mucus in the renal zone.

They affect very acute and chronic pains such as rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, menstrual pains;

Hot Ginger Compounds

They affect very acute and chronic pains such as rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, menstrual pains;

Provide rapid recovery after inflammatory conditions such as bronchitis, kidney and bladder inflammation, prostate infection, intestinal inflammation, ulcers and abscesses;

They help break down the accumulated fats and minerals, a stone in the yolk and kidneys, cysts on the ovaries and chest;

Relieves tense muscles;

In damaged tissues in broken bones, these coatings can accelerate the recovery of damaged parts .;

Gingerbread therapy at home

Heat 5 liters of water. Bring a ginger root into cotton wool or gauze, tie it firmly and place it in boiling water with boiling water. It is important that the water does not boil and ginger is not boiled so as not to lose its important ingredients.

After a few minutes, when the water gets a golden-brown color and receives a ginger’s smell, soak the liquid soft towel and drain it well. Sharpen your arms, legs, back, neck, shoulders and neckline, but not your chest.

Rub your legs and arms in the direction of the heart, and the stomach with circular movements. In a few seconds, the skin will be reddened and given the accelerated circulation, the whole body will warm up, refresh and fill with energy.

On cold and fresh days you can make a ginger bunch. Fill the tub with hot water, put 2 tablespoons ginger and one tablespoon of sea salt and stir with a hand.

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