9 Changes Your Body Will Experience If You Start Eating Two Eggs Every Day

The beneficial properties of hen eggs are constantly scrutinized. People have long consumed this product, which has now been proven to be unique in its composition, in various ways. See the results of recent research on the benefits of chicken eggs. Studies have shown that 2-3 eggs are the optimal daily dose.

Your brain is protected by choline

Phospholipids, which allow normal communication of brain cells, are composed of choline. Medical is proven that this vitamin is the most important thing for the matter from which the brain is built. If you eat 2 eggs a day, your body gets enough of this nutrient. Choline deficiency can lead to memory loss.

The species is protected thanks to lutein

New research has shown that chicken eggs are filled with lutein. This substance is responsible for a clear and sharp look. When there is a deficiency of lutein, harmful problems and reduced vision can occur in the eyes.

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium

If you offer someone to eat a tablespoon of fish oil or eat a cooked egg, most people will choose the latter. Especially when they learn that the amount of vitamin D is the same in both options. Also, scientists have found a way to increase the amount of vitamin D in eggs by feeding chickens with special additives. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and strengthens your bones and teeth.

Vitamin B complex protects the skin, hair and liver

Biotin, vitamin B12 and some proteins are crucial for strengthening hair and skin. Phospholipids found in chicken eggs encourage the elimination of toxins from the liver.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Studies have shown that cholesterol in eggs is balanced with phosphatides, so it’s not bad for health. It also reduces the production of cholesterol in the body. In addition, the eggs contain omega 3 fatty acids that reduce the level of triglycerides, and hence the risk of cardiovascular disease.

You will start to lose weight

US scientists have come to the conclusion that if you combine a diet with a small amount of calories with eggs from a chicken for breakfast, you will lose the unwanted weight twice as fast. This breakfast will keep you up for a long time, so you will also reduce the general intake of food during the day.

The Hole, which is indispensable to the brain, also reduces the risk of cancer.

Reducing the risk of cancer

The Hole, which is indispensable to the brain, also reduces the risk of cancer. According to the results of a study, women who had eggs in their daily diet had a 15% lower chance of breast cancer.

Helps conceiving

B vitamins have a major role in the formation of hormones for sex. Vitamin B9 has another name, folic acid. With his help, the red blood cells and the neural tube in the fetus are formed, thus reducing the risk of mental retardation. 1 egg from a chicken contains 7 micrograms of vitamin.

The aging process slows down

This is a result of research in the Netherlands. In 87% of women who were aged 35 to 40 years, skin and wrinkles were reduced. In men, the wrinkles around the eyes have been reduced.

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