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How Caffeine Affects Your Health

How Caffeine affects your health

How Caffeine affects your health According to Villanova University, 90 % of Americans get caffeine every day. While most of us are aware of the stimulative effect the world’s most widely used drug has on our brain, its effects on other parts of our body are not as widely known. …

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Treatment For Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer

If a person has been diagnosed and staged with prostate cancer, he or she needs to do a lot of thinking along with his doctor, especially in terms of choosing the right treatment plan. It is very important to give yourself some time to process and absorb all the information …

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How Smoking Affects Your Family


When you smoke that doesn’t only have an affect on your health. The U.S. Surgeon General’s report “The Health Consequences of Smoking,” states it has been proven that smoking (or living with a person who smokes) can cause disease in nearly every organ of the body. This means that every …

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Reduce Your Desire For Sugar

much sugar

If we eat too much sugar in foods, that will cause rapid growth, followed by the rapid drop in blood glucose. The sharp decline encourage even greater need for sugar, and creates a vicious circle. Nutritionists say that you should eat healthy foods to prevent drops in blood glucose. If you want to …

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Natural Remedies For Anxiety


What natural ways will help you with your anxiety? What is ANXIETY? Everybody feels anxious in different situations. Anxiety is the response of the body when we feel  threatened, under stress or that we are in some kind of danger. Often it is a normal phenomenon that can actually help …

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How To Recover From Workout

recover from your workout

Ways to recover from your workout Exercising is good for everyone. It strengths the body and the spirit, it helps us stay focused, it relieves stress, improvers our immune system and so on. In this article we will show you some of the best ways to recover from your workout, especially …

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If You Are Sick, Avoid Certain Foods

When we are sick

When we are sick, we instinctively reach for larger quantities of citrus fruits and teas in order to prevent them from getting worse. But these foods help more with bacterial infections and lowered immunity. Here are the other products that not only help but can make or delay the recovery. …

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How To Stop The Sweet Craving Forever

sweet vices

Anyone who has had a diet knows how hard it is to give up sweet vices. You’re not to blame, in the words of neurologist Susan Pierce Thompson, but to the brain. -There is an increase in insulin in our body when we eat too many sweet things which blocks …

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Is A Diet With No Yo-Yo Effects Possible?


One wants to lose as much weight as possible when it comes to weight loss. Yet note that anything over 1-2 kg less in a month is no longer safe and can cause you a lot of problems and disorders. So start by changing your eating habits to make sure …

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