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8 Quotes That Will Encourage You To Work On Your Mental Health

Our mind is a tool for remembering and reasoning, but it cannot be used to its full potential unless we direct it in the proper direction.

We can’t blame our minds for performing their work, but we can take steps to stay productive and happy. Read the quotes below to improve your mental health.

“A calm mind can hear intuition, regardless of fear.”

Our mind is home to many voices. If we don’t do our best to use its full capacity, some of these voices may be lost.

“Relax. Don’t let the past ruin the present.”

The past is unchanging, but our memories of past events often change, depending on our mood and current perspective.

“You can’t control everything, don’t even try. Appreciate things as they are.”

You can only control what happens in your mind.

“Too much thinking does not lead to happiness.”

You cannot invent happiness yourself. Happiness is an emotion you cannot rationalize. When you focus on the present moment, you “get” more happiness out of the experience.

“Unproductive thoughts are like prison bars on the mind, don’t waste your energy locking out your potential.”

We are capable of astonishing deeds and accomplishments. The only barriers to our success are our own restrictions or those imposed by others. We limit ourselves to avoid potential failures and disappointments. Let go of your anxieties and expectations. Follow your intentions and your emotions, and you may achieve anything you desire.

“Slow down. Don’t speak before you listen. Think before you react. Before you judge, forgive. Before you give up, try!”

Slow down, breathe and act carefully. Once you do something, you can’t take it back.

“Your thoughts can become your biggest problems in life.”

Overthinking wastes energy. It creates unwanted feelings like fear, insecurity, arrogance or depression.

“Don’t be upset about what can go wrong, be excited about everything that can go right.”

Our fears most easily come to the fore when we think about the future, but since everything is a guess, why not focus on what could be good?

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