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After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away Eggshells!

We always toss away the egg shells after we’ve finished frying the eggs, yet they appear to have vital health benefits.

Egg shells, in particular, are the best natural source of calcium, and the body quickly absorbs and digests them. Other minerals are abundant in these shells.

This calcium in these shells is the same as the calcium in our teeth and bones, and it is essential for our nerves, muscles, and bones.

Half a tablespoon of egg shell powder contains approximately 1000-1,500 mg calcium, which is nearly 90% of the adult RDA.

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Numerous studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health in the United States have revealed that the calcium from egg shell powder is easily absorbed by the body. This powder also helps to build bones, lower cholesterol, and manage blood pressure.

Here’s how to use eggshells simply:

To kill bacteria, boil the eggs for 10 minutes, let them cool, and then crush the egg shells to produce a powder.

The powder can then be stored in a sterilised jar and freely added to smoothies and cereals as a natural calcium supplement.

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