Press These 4 Points On Your Body To Accelerate Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Fast

For thousands of years, humans have utilised acupuncture and acupressure to treat health problems and alleviate the symptoms of specific ailments.

The mechanism by which these techniques can assist you is simple. That is, every single body organ is linked to a specific location on the body via energy channels.

As a result, if you want to treat a certain body organ and increase its activity, you should massage the area on your body that is associated with it.

As a result, these advanced medical treatments can also assist you in losing weight. Specifically, by applying pressure to the four spots listed below, you will lose excess weight and achieve the body you have always desired.

As a result, massaging these specific locations can result in improved energy, quicker metabolism, elimination of excess fat, and avoidance of fat accumulation. You will also be able to control your hunger.

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The following are some tips to help you lose fat quickly:


You can regulate your appetite and alleviate anxiety by massaging this region. As a result, it will be quite beneficial in cases of stress-induced overeating. This location is located between the nose and the top lip. Massage it twice a day for 5 minutes.


This point’s massage will help to eliminate excess body heat while also stimulating gut function. This place is critical since it is where all of the body’s energy travels through. You should massage it for a minute two or three times every day.


This point is known as Zu San Li and is widely used in acupressure. It is particularly advantageous since, in addition to improving digestion, it also plays an important role in preventing and treating other inflammatory processes.

As a result, it is also known as “the point of a hundred diseases” or “the point of longevity.” When it comes to excess weight, it is thought that regular massage of this area might help you lose a pound in a week.

It is located right below the knee cap. In other words, here’s how to find it:

Cover your right knee with your left palm, and vice versa. There is a slight depression between the bones between the little and ring fingers. Zu San Li can be found here.

On each leg, massage the point 9 times clockwise. The massage should last about 10 minutes in total. However, you should not do it right before going to bed at night, since it may cause sleeplessness.

Furthermore, do not be concerned if you experience mild discomfort or soreness throughout the massage; this is completely natural and indicates that you are performing the massage correctly.


This point massage can help you speed up your metabolism, allowing you to drop excess pounds more effortlessly. For three minutes, massage it softly and apply constant pressure to the ear with your thumb. Repeat three times each day.

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