Why You Should Start Your Day with Banana and a Cup of Warm Water

A banana and ordinary water served at room temperature for breakfast, according to the “Inventor,” will help you lose weight no matter what you eat the rest of the day.

The “Morning Banana” diet is exceedingly straightforward and simple to follow. The reason this diet works so well is because bananas help with digestion and metabolism.

The banana’s abundance in a form of starch with a low glycemic index, extended digestion, satiety-inducing effects, and partial glucose absorption blockage is its second benefit.

It is suggested for those who choose this diet to eat dinner before 8 p.m. and to forgo dessert after dinner.

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Alcohol and dairy products are forbidden. Bananas must also be fresh; they cannot be roasted or frozen.

Daily menu example:


1 or more bananas (until you feel full)

Cup of lukewarm water


Meal by choice with lots of fresh salads

Afternoon light snacks

Sweet snacks are allowed until 3pm, in case of hunger

Dinner (must be before 8pm)

Meal rich in vegetables

No dessert

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