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Everyone Should Know This – How To Survive A Heart Attack If You Are Alone At The Time

The best “skill” you can learn is probably how to survive a heart attack because it will save both your life and the life of a perfect stranger.

A report found that in 80% of heart attack deaths, the victim was by themselves and unable to seek assistance.

Which symptoms indicate a heart attack? It starts off as a severe pain in the chest that quickly spreads to the arm and jaw.

Before you lose consciousness, you have around 15 seconds.

Sometimes, the symptoms develop gradually and persist for a longer period of time, giving you more time to get to the hospital or call for assistance. Try coughing as hard as you can instead of putting your life in danger and waiting for assistance!

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Cough nonstop! Breathe deeply before you cough. Inhale deeply.

Breathe deeply and cough once every two seconds until you receive assistance or your heart begins to beat normally.

Deep breaths oxygenate the lungs, and movements of the body put pressure on the heart and control blood flow. The rhythm of your heart can be restored by applying pressure to it.

Use your phone or ask your neighbors for assistance while you wait. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t stop coughing while on the phone. You can save your life by coughing.

Experts claim that persons who cough while requesting assistance often make it to the hospital and receive the appropriate care.

The effectiveness of this treatment, however, is not well supported by science, although doctors advise using it as soon as the initial heart attack symptoms arise. When you find yourself unable to cough deeply enough to control your heartbeat and maintain consciousness, get medical attention.

In any case, it is beneficial to learn more about this approach since it occasionally has the potential to save lives.

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