How to Cleanse Your Body from Parasites and Normalize Your Weight with Only Two Ingredients!

Are you concerned about your compulsion for sugar? You are not alone, though. Have you ever questioned why certain people have a persistent “sweet tooth”? We provide you the two key indications that it might be an addiction in this sentence.

That might be stress, or you could have parasites in your body. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar may help you resist cravings, but it also causes the body to produce more mucus than is necessary. Bacteria and fungus thrive in excess mucus, which offers ideal circumstances for their growth and reproduction.

The extra mucus feeds parasites, who drain your energy. You are drawn to sweet foods because of this. What’s worse is that parasites especially enjoy growing in fatty deposits, therefore the more fat you have, the more parasites will proliferate in your body.

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Eliminate those disgusting parasites to increase your energy. You can almost feel the burden leaving your shoulders. Two basic elements are all that are required for nature to provide you with the ideal treatment. Get organic cloves and flaxseeds to get rid of the undesirable small critters.


  • 100 g flax seeds
  • 10g dried cloves


  1. Grind the ingredients in a coffee grinder.
  2. Cleanse your body
  3. For three days, take 2 teaspoons of the powder in the morning. You can mix it in with your breakfast or a warm glass of filtered water.
  4. Repeat the therapy after a 3-day pause. The entire process takes 30 days.
  5. To keep any parasites away, repeat the process a few times a year.

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