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Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

Most of you, if not all of you, enjoy eating seafood. What if, however, you discovered that your preferred food is contaminated with pig waste? In case you were wondering, the government is aware of it. Unaware of it, Americans consume a sizable amount of feces on a regular basis.

According to Bloomberg Business, there are flies crawling all over the processed shrimps and workers are sorting shrimps while standing on filthy floors.

Naturally, the room is not cool. Some shrimp are placed on ice that has been manufactured from tainted water. This is very hazardous for ingestion and incorrect in so many ways!

Every year, almost 100 million pounds of shrimp are exported from Vietnam to the US. This represents around 8% of the shrimp marketed in the US.

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In a specific Tilapia farm outside of Hong Kong, the fish are fed diet that contains pig and goose waste. This is very unhealthy and harmful to consume, especially in light of the possibility that the excrement contains salmonella. This is because feces is a far more affordable option than fish food sold in stores.

The FDA examines the exports to the United States, but sadly its resources are constrained. Only around 3% of the cargo can be inspected.

More than 27% of the seafood consumed in America is from China. Ensure that the seafood you consume is caught in our waters. The best advice you can get is probably to not eat it all.

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