The Shocking Truth About Potato Chips – The Main Cause of Belly Fat

Although chips are a common snack, physicians and experts have long warned about their negative health effects. The most recent study found that chips are just as risky as drugs since they can lead to an addiction-like sensation.

According to recent studies, one-third of British and American youngsters consume chips every day, and one individual is estimated to consume 100 bags of chips annually. However, experts warn that just one bag of chips can have the same impact as consuming five liters of cooking oil.

According to Michael Moss, author of “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How The Food Giants Hooked Us,” chips are “engineered” to lead to addiction. According to the producers, the “mechanism” of the potato chips is “the flavor it leaves in the tongue,” which is comparable to the sensation you get from eating some melted cheese.

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The chips need enough fat in order to begin acting and activating “the center,” which is positioned behind the lips and sends messages to the brain. The taste of potato chips causes people to eat more because their brains have an innate craving for salty, oily, and sweet foods.

Even the stores have different “tastes,” and “premium” chips that have less fat or more natural components are just as harmful as “normal” chips.

Michael Moss said, “Eating chips during pregnancy is as harmful as smoking. It is good to consume chips twice a month, in little portions.”

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