I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Could Do So Many Things. Check These 20 Amazing Tricks!

We list 20 of the apparent additional uses for toothpaste that go beyond simply cleaning teeth.

The practical tips listed below will alter the way you think about toothpaste:

Dye stains on towels

The dye spots on the towels can be removed with your toothbrush; they are rather unsightly.

Stains on tables

Apply it to your tables to get rid of cup and glass stains.

Silver polish

Because silver-cleaning supplies are pricey, toothpaste might be used in their place. To restore the silver to its original gleam and brightness, rub some on it.

Remove car scratches

Brush your car’s scrapes with a clean cloth after applying toothpaste on a soft cloth and massaging it into the dents.

Clean your thermos

Your thermos may occasionally have a terrible odor. To quickly clean and disinfect it, fill it with hot water, squeeze in some toothpaste, and shake.

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Hang posters

Applying a little to the corners of the poster will serve as glue. Additionally, it is simple to remove, preventing harm to the walls.

Clean your iron

The iron will sparkle like new if you clean it with toothpaste!

Whiten keys on old piano

The yellow piano keys will appear whiter than ever if you brush them with some of your toothpaste.

Clean your carpet

Apply toothpaste on the carpet with a sponge to clean it.

Dirty hands

You have probably never used a hand wash quite like it!

Car headlights

To remove the accumulated filth, dab some toothpaste on a sponge and massage the headlights of your automobile.

Clean your snickers

Toothpastes come in quite handy for cleaning the snickers’ plastic and grimy bits. Simply rub it with a sponge or an old toothbrush, then observe the results.


Apply it to pimples for virtually immediate relief.

Ink stains on shirts

Your shirt’s ink stains can be removed by dabbing some toothpaste on them and letting it sit for 24 hours. Just wash it off after that.

Clean your smartphone

Additionally effective in cleaning your phone are toothpastes.

Enamel stains

Using toothpaste to remove these stains will polish the cleaning traces and leave behind a nice scent.

CD and DVD issues

Your CDs won’t skip any longer if you apply toothpaste to any scratches.


Your shoes will always smell fresh if you clean them with toothpaste!

Aviator goggles

To avoid fogging and thoroughly clean the goggles, apply a thin layer.

The capability of toothpastes as a whole is much greater than these 20 uses. Therefore, get many tubes of toothpaste so you have a toxin-free, all-natural product for your home.

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