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Here Is What Will Happen If You Massage – Zu San Li, A Point On Your Body That Contains A Hundred Diseases!

According to a Japanese folktale, a cheerful man learned important information from his father regarding the causes of a hundred different ailments. The boy repeatedly massaged this place, following his father’s suggestion, and he lived to witness the ascension and fall of a few kings.

One of the oldest and most well-known systems of medicine in the East that has been practiced for a very long time is the massage of a few points. The human body generally has 365 points and 12 major meridians, which corresponds to the number of days and months in a year.

The effects of these massage techniques (pressure point massage, finger pressure to specific points) are based on the idea that certain organs are connected to certain meridians and channels.

The body is viewed as a vitality system in Chinese medicine; therefore, massages can affect the flow of vitality and the beneficial function of the organs.

The beginning of the Zu San Li point has a long-lasting revitalizing and healing effect, delaying aging. This point is referred to as “the point of longevity” in China and “the point of a hundred diseases” in Japan.

Where is that magic point (Zu San Li) in our body?

The kneecap serves as the location of the lifespan point. You should cover your knee with the palm of the same hand and look for it. The point is located as a small scratch between the bones between the ends of the little and ring fingers. You can also find out in a different method.

You must sit on the ground, forcefully press your feet to the floor in your direction, and keep your heels flat on the ground.

You’ll see that there is a higher zone below the knee. Find the highest point, place your finger there, and assume the starting position. Zu San Li is the name of the point on which your finger is pressed.

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What use does this point serve if it is referred to by the Japanese as “A Point of a Hundred Diseases”?

— It manages the functions of the organs located in the lower portion of the body.

— The spinal cord does its work in the areas that are responsible for the best functioning of the digestive system, processing tract, sexual organs, kidneys, and adrenal organs.

The adrenal glands, the most capable organs that serve as the main protectors of human wellbeing, can be made to move by stroking the Zu San Li point.

They release hydrocortisone, adrenaline, and other vital hormones into the circulation.

If you regularly massage “the point of longevity,” you can standardize the function of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for the immune system’s following functions:

– Normalization of the blood pressure
– Normalization of the glucose, the insulin
– Regulation of the immune system
– Elimination of the inflammatory processes in the organism

Also, by rubbing the Zu San Li point, you can:

– Improve digestion
– Treat the impacts of a stroke
– Heal illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract

You can increase your confidence, get rid of stress and worry, and find internal harmony by stroking this area.

Numerous conditions, including hiccups, constipation, gastritis, and incontinence, can be cured by massaging this region.

What position would allow you to affect the “point of longevity”?

It is best to massage each leg’s Zu San Li point nine times in a clockwise circle in the morning, before eating lunch (9 times on one and nine times on the other leg). This should take ten minutes to complete.

You should adopt a comfortable, loose position before you begin rubbing (sitting). Stop breathing and concentrate on your feelings. Put yourself and the other person in a friendly and aware state as you begin the repair process. This rub has a motivating effect.

With your fingers or any grain (such as buckwheat, oats, rice, etc.), you can rub the point.

A half-garlic clove can also be placed and left on for one to two hours (until the skin turns red). According to reports, 400 to 500 grams can be lost per week by stroking the Zu San Li point at night. On the other hand, avoid rubbing it shortly before bed because it may cause a sleeping issue.

Even if you can regularly rub the Zu San Li point, the New Moon has the most effect.

  • Eight days after the begin of the New Moon, make certain to rub this point in the morning, on the or on each one leg in the clockwise way. This is the best time for rub keeping in mind the end goal to fortify the immune system, enhance the work of all organs and ease the aging procedure.
  • Before lunch, rub the point on each leg in the clockwise way, so as to enhance the general tone, the memory, the work of the cardiovascular system and the digestive system.
  • After lunch, rub the point at the same time on both legs – against anxiety,nervousness and irritability, against migraines and sleep disorders.
  • At night, rub it in the counterclockwise way, then again on each leg, keeping in mind the end goal — to enhance the digestion system and assist weight loss.

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