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How to Treat an Ingrown Toenail (Home Treatment)

One in five people, on average, deal with an ingrown toenail, which is extremely painful and bothersome. Without visiting a doctor, try this remedy and you should start to feel better shortly.

1. Soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes in hot water that is hot enough to accommodate both of your feet. At least twice a day, do this. This first step is essential since frequent showers soften the nails and guard against infections.

2. Check that your nail tools are nearby before soaking your feet in water. You’ll need cotton, tweezers, scissors, nail cutters, and everything else you can think of.

3. Dry your feet with a fresh towel after soaking them in hot water. Trim your nails neatly. You are more prone to develop an ingrown nail if you trim them circular.

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4. Carefully insert a little piece of cotton under the ingrown nail after lifting it up with a sterile needle. Always be cautious and patient; never exert too much pressure. To stop any itch and infection, cotton is utilized. Once you’ve finished, put a piece of gauze around your toe.

5. This area of your foot may turn an extreme red or dark blue if you already have an infection. If so, you might want to talk to a medical professional about your alternatives for a natural cure.

6. Allow your feet to breathe. At home, avoid donning socks or shoes.

7. Several times a day, check your nails, and at least once a day, change the cotton. When the new nail has grown in two weeks, by maintaining your hygiene in this way, you may say goodbye to your ingrown nail.

Additional advice: To reduce swelling, place a lemon slice on the nail and cover it with gauze. Give it a night. Acid from lemons both prevents and combats diseases.

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