5 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Make Your Knees Strong

The body depends heavily on the knees because they support it and make movement possible. However, when they are hurt, they make it difficult or impossible to walk, move, run, and perform other daily tasks.

However, you may alleviate knee discomfort with the following exercises, and you don’t even need any equipment to complete them:

Wall slide

Start by assuming a tall stance with your back against a wall. Kneel down, slide down the wall, and then rise back to your starting position. The arms ought to be elevated high. Keep the feet and legs parallel and move them slowly. 5–10 times, then stop.

Steps -Ups

With one item on a bench, stairway, or tiny table, ascend. Step down after placing the foot there and extending the knee.

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Bent-Leg Raises

Raise one leg while seated on a chair, but keep it straight for a minute. After that, flex the knee to about halfway down the floor, hold for 30 seconds, then straighten it out. Do this with both legs four times.

Straight-leg lifts

Tighten the thigh muscles and lift the straight leg off the floor while lying on your back with one knee straight on the floor and the other bent. After holding for 5 seconds, carefully drop the leg. Similarly, move the other leg.

Hamstring Curls

Hold and face onto the back of a chair, raise the left foot, and bring it toward the back, remaining thus for 5 minutes. Then, lower the leg and repeat with the other leg.

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