Wrap Your Leg With Cabbage For 1 Hour And This Will Happen To Your Joint Pain!

May your cabbage leaves always be free of worms, says an ancient Irish blessing.

Cabbage is a high-nutrition, low-calorie vegetable that is a good source of vitamins C, K, and potassium. It possesses strong anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting abilities.

It has been used for ages to cure swollen and damaged skin.

It is abundant in vitamins, phytonutrients, anthocyanins, and glutamine, all of which have anti-inflammatory qualities and are therefore very helpful for treating joint pain and preventing cancer. Patients with arthritis benefit greatly from the addition of cabbage leaves to their regimen.

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They prepare it as a compress, and this is how they use it:

Cabbage Compress

You will need:

  • Organic cabbage (preferably red)
  • Aluminium foil
  • Rolling pin/wine bottle/meat hammer
  • Gauze or Bandage
  • Oven


Take a cabbage leaf from the outside and wash it thoroughly. Cut out the tough stem after drying. Place it on a counter and mash the leaf with a rolling pin to release the juice.

To warm the cabbage, wrap it in foil and place it in the oven for a while. After that, apply the cabbage to the sore spot, wrap it in gauze or a bandage, and elevate the affected area.

Three times per day, for an hour each time, replace the leaf in the cabbage compress. The next day, the changes are still noticeable! When using a cold compress, chill the cabbage first by placing it in the refrigerator.

Anthocyanins, which are substances that reduce inflammation and joint pain, are abundant in red cabbage. In the event of ulcers, both green and red cabbage varieties are very helpful.

Although they are uncommon, cabbage allergies can still result in swelling or itching, so if you feel one of these symptoms, remove the compress and seek medical attention if the discomfort worsens.

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