12 Nuts You Should Soak Before Eating And Their Soaking Duration

The peels of nuts can be easily peeled after they have soaked in hot water. To neutralize the enzymes and eliminate tannins and dust residue, you should add a little salt while the item is soaking.

The water residue should never be recycled since it can contain harmful compounds.

Like grains, nuts feature phytic acid as a defensive mechanism against predators so they can reach full maturity. Due to this acid’s ability to hinder easy digestion, pieces of nuts are frequently found in stools.

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When nuts are soaked, the phytic acid is lost and the enzyme inhibitors are neutralized. As a result, digestion is aided and vitamin and other nutrient absorption is increased.

You should soak nuts at this time:

  • Macadamia: 4 hrs
  • Flax seeds: 6 hrs
  • Cashew nuts: 6 hrs
  • Pumpkin seeds: 7 hrs
  • Walnuts: 8 hrs
  • Pine nuts: 8 hrs
  • Broccoli seeds 8 hrs.
  • Pecans: 8 hrs
  • Hazelnuts: 8 hrs
  • Almonds: 12 hrs
  • Alfalfa seeds: 12 hrs
  • Garbanzo beans: 12-48 hrs

It would be better to repeat the washing process and change the water every 8 hours if the nuts need to soak for a longer period of time.

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