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How to Instantly Banish Back Pain by Pressing These Two Points (Photo)

Unfortunately, there is no proven method to effectively treat back pain, which affects millions of individuals and is frequently very uncomfortable and bordering on unbearable.

There is no known cure for joint or back pain, despite the fact that conventional medicine can offer a variety of therapies for many common ailments.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, is a successful treatment for chronic issues in traditional medicine, particularly in ancient Chinese medicine.

It is the study of the body’s energy meridians, which impact how well it functions. Damaged organs may be repaired by restoring a healthy flow of energy through the meridians because diseases are the result of damaged meridians. Pressure can be applied to certain bodily parts to achieve this.

If needles are used, the technique is either acupuncture or acupressure, depending on how the pressure or massage is applied to the spots. In contrast to acupuncture, which requires extensive expertise and specialized needles, the latter may be performed by anybody and does not require any special training.

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The signs of joint, leg, and hip pain can be relieved by massaging certain locations. Pain will be fully eliminated by the regular stimulation. The three things listed below are what you need to understand in order to deal with your back and joint pain issues:

Hip discomfort and joint pain in general will be relieved by stimulating the first point, GB29, which is situated at the intersection of the pelvis and femur.

-You will treat the pain felt in the joints, lower back, hips, and shoulders in conjunction with point GB 30, which is located on the back end of the pelvic bone a little lower and behind the buttocks.

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