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How to Use Grapefruit Seeds to Treat Urinary Tract Infections at Home

There doesn’t seem to be much you can do when urinary tract infections become resistant to antibiotics other than to hold out hope that the illness can be treated by your body’s natural defenses. However, the majority of individuals don’t consider using natural treatments for UTIs.

They are sad because there are some all-natural treatments that have solid scientific support. One of those treatments is grapefruit seed.

Urinary tract infections are most frequently contracted by women, however some men are also susceptible to the condition. If antibiotics aren’t helping, the illness can get serious relatively rapidly and lead to complete renal failure.

This is particularly concerning for pregnant women since the alterations brought on by the virus may force them to give birth before the baby is fully developed.

The fact that antibiotics are non-discriminatory is one of its drawbacks when treating a disease. They will eradicate both harmful and beneficial microorganisms. The fact that natural remedies are far kinder on the body is one of the reasons they are growing in popularity.

Research on UTI and Grapefruit Seeds

Studies to determine whether grapefruit seeds had any impact on urinary tract infections have shown extremely significant findings.

According to a 2005 study, grapefruit seeds were “very successful” at killing the bacteria causing urinary tract infections in the research they conducted, even when medications had failed. The same study also claimed that a grapefruit seed extract had the ability to stop the growth of germs.

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How does it Function?

It has only lately become clear to us why and, more crucially, how the grapefruit seed functions. The effectiveness of grapefruit seed extract against a wide range of bacterial species at dosages that were safe for humans was first established by researchers.

Only in the past ten years, using the scanning transmission electron microscope, have researchers been able to precisely pinpoint how the extract functions.

Even in very modest doses and dilutions, the grapefruit seed extract penetrates the bacterial membrane and promptly releases the cytoplasmic internal content—within 15 minutes. Additionally, the extract somewhat hindered the growth of gram-negative bacteria and gram-positive bacteria.

This demonstrates that grapefruit seed extract works remarkably quickly and effectively, even when compared to conventional antibiotics. Additionally, grapefruit seed extract has an advantage over antibiotics in that it is a powerful antifungal medication. All that is required is for you to either consume grapefruit every day for two weeks or grapefruit seed extract.

The Natural Alternative

The basic fact is that grapefruit seed extract would still be a better therapeutic option even if the medications used to treat these bacterial illnesses were always safe and effective.

However, they are occasionally dangerous and not always successful. Additionally, while grapefruit seed extract is nearly free, antibiotics are very expensive.

What Mother Nature can produce to treat illness is incredible and humbling. We humans like to think of ourselves as brilliant when it comes to medicine, but in this instance, we can only create a shoddy copy of the treatment.

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