Throw Away Any Pans With This Sign On Them Immediately (since they can be very harmful)

Get your pans and baking sheets out of the kitchen as soon as you can if you notice the word “PFASs” on them. Although they come with the “promise” that they can keep the food from burning, you shouldn’t ever use such pans to make pancakes, cook steak, or fry chips.

200 scientists disagree with that assertion and contend that “non-sticky” cookware poses a health risk.

The “Madrid Document,” whose major goal is to alert the public to the risks caused by poly- and perfluoroalkyls, was signed at a significant symposium by well-known experts from throughout the world (PFASs). They also expressed concern about the growing prevalence of such items in homes around the globe.

Metal food containers, cookware, food storage packages (such as those used in fast food restaurants), “strengthened” plastic plates, and paper plates are all made using these hazardous compounds. These are referred to as “non-sticky covers” and are used to prevent sticking or burning of the food.

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Some PFASs have been demonstrated to damage the liver, impair metabolism, and interfere with the immunological and endocrine systems, according to studies done on lab animals.

Sadly, these poisons are not only found in food cooked or stored in such containers. These objects contaminate every square inch of Mother Earth by releasing toxins into the air, water, and soil when exposed to heat.

One method used by scientists to ask manufacturers to stop using PFAS chemicals in their manufacturing processes is the article that was published in the magazine “Environmental Health Perspectives.” The article notes that there are many other safer alternatives available today to produce such items, which would also stop the food from burning.

Here is some helpful advice for all the housewives and food lovers: Make sure your cooking utensils and food containers end up in the trash can if you see this warning on them, until the producers realize the danger they are posing.

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