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Avoid Insomnia With These Aromas

To make it easier to fall asleep at night, take advantage of nature. It offers calming spices, even the fragrance alone is sufficient to make you sleep better.

Try to help yourself spontaneously before taking medication to help you if you have trouble sleeping.

Here’s how you can do this:


Just a drop of essential jasmine oil on your hand, chest, or buttock will help you get a good night’s sleep. Even from lavender, jasmine has soothing properties.

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Prepare a hot bath for your feet. In the hot water cup, add two teaspoons of sea salt, two drops of lavender oil and three drops of lemon oil. Place your feet and lay down for about 20 minutes.


Chamomile is known for its calming and stimulating effects, so if you drink a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime, you won’t go wrong.

Milk with honey

If you do not want to drink it, it is enough to have at least a body lotion with this fragrant combination to help you sleep better tonight.

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