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Which Food Combinations Can Cause Stomach Problems And Pains?

A bad food combination can lead to stomach pain, bloating, fatigue, gas and discomfort.

Long-term consumption of the improper food combinations might result in rashes, persistent stomach issues, and foul breath.

Additionally, mixing foods that don’t go well together can complicate your efforts to slim down and/or keep a healthy body weight. Foods heavy in protein and citrus fruit and milk combos that are bad for your digestion are at the top of the list of foods you shouldn’t mix.

Two high protein foods

Eggs and dry meat are popular breakfast foods, but it is advisable to avoid this combination. These two dishes are filling and have a lot of protein. Both will require additional time to prepare. Prior to meat, you should eat mild proteins.

Citrus fruits and milk

Milk coagulates when combined with lemons or other citrus fruits, making it harder to digest. A “burning” sensation in the stomach may result from this.

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Additionally, some people are lactose intolerant, meaning they are unable to process the lactose found in milk.

Milk and banana

It takes a long time and effort to digest milk and banana together. You will experience fatigue when the food is being metabolized. If you wish to consume a banana milkshake, aid digestion by adding a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg powder.

Fruit with a meal

Fruit is simple to digest, however it could take longer if eaten alongside a meal. As a result, the fruit is kept and starts to ferment before the food is digested. Avoid having fruit with or immediately following a meal.

Cheese with a cold drink

Who doesn’t enjoy pizza with carbonated drink? Despite how delicious it may sound, this combo is bad for your health. Cold beverages shouldn’t be consumed with cheese-containing foods as the two can interfere with absorption. It may result in discomfort and stomach ache.

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