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Do You Know The Difference Between Brown And White Eggs?

Although brown eggs are the most common in our stores and markets, white eggs are also available. They all have the same flavor, and the color varies depending on the laying hen’s breed or the color of their ears and feathers.

“Just as persons determine the color of their skin, hair, and eyes, genes dictate the color of their skin. “White-tailed hens lay white eggs, while red- and brown-feathered hens produce brown eggs.” Bui, a Cornell University animal science professor.

“The pigment is added to the outer layer usually in the last few hours before the hen lays the egg,” he added.
The taste of both is the same as the nutritional value.

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According to Dr. Bui, there may be some changes in the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in brown eggs vs white eggs, but these differences are minor.

Younger hens lay eggs with stronger shells, and brown eggs are generally larger than white eggs, according to him.

Furthermore, in the United States, people eat more eggshells because they are less expensive to feed and produce, such as chickens.

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