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Traditional Remedy For Hemorrhoids: It Has Helped Thousands Of People

Itching, internal feeling of pressure, painful swelling, sensitive sores and bleeding are symptoms that indicate the appearance of this unpleasant health condition.

Irregular lifestyle without movement, improper diet with inherited tendencies, pregnancy and constipation cause increased pressure on the veins in the rectum, leading to accumulation of blood and painful swelling. We call this phenomenon hemorrhoids.


All you need is fresh, peeled potatoes and a freezer!

Potatoes must be of good quality, they must not be green or rotten.

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Preparation: Cut the peeled fresh potatoes into thin sticks and put them in the freezer. First cut the potato into circles, then make a stick from one circle, ie cut one piece on the left and the right side, and what is left in the middle should look like a stick.

Freeze frozen potato sticks (only once in one application) in the anus for the first 4 days for only 30 seconds several times a day. For the next 3-4 days, leave the stick to act for another half a minute longer each time.
This is supposed to be a very effective means by which many people in Russia were cured.

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