Do Not Throw Away The Water In Which You Boiled Potatoes – A Powerful Remedy For Your Health

We all do that, and we are not aware that we are actually making a big mistake. The water in which potatoes are boiled is a miracle for health.

Everyone knows how potatoes affect health, but did you know that the water in which they are cooked is much healthier than the vegetables themselves?

Many housewives, when preparing mashed potatoes or potato salad, without hesitation pour the water in which this vegetable was cooked. If we knew that as much as 70% of the potassium in boiled potatoes remains in this liquid, we would never do that again. This water is rich in minerals and vitamins A and C, like no other drink.

This fluid aids in the reduction of edema as well as the improvement of cardiac function. Nutritionists advise drinking a hot potato drink three times a week because of the numerous health benefits.

It is, however, necessary to understand how to prepare it. Instead of peeling the potatoes, it is recommended to boil them with the peel on and never salt them. This fluid is especially beneficial in cases of mental and physical exhaustion.

It’s worth noting that nutritionists aren’t the only ones who advocate for the consumption of potato juice. Dermatologists recommend using it to make a hand bath. The skin on your hands will become a nice natural tone, become soft and silky, and blisters and tiny sores will disappear in just one week.

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