7 Strongest Pains That A Person Can Experience!

When something is wrong with the body, the brain sends a warning signal called pain.

Although pain is a subjective sensation for which people have varying tolerances, British National Health Service doctors have compiled a list of the most objectively painful conditions, including these seven types of agony that will make even the toughest people bend over and cry.

According to anatomy professor Alan Basbum, pain that originates from the nerves rather than the tissues is usually the most serious sort of pain.

It detects seven different forms of pain that patients rate on a scale of one to ten, with 15 being the most severe.

Extreme headaches (cluster migraines)

People who suffer from severe headaches are in excruciating pain. They’ve been compared to childbirth pains without anesthesia, gunshot wounds, and fractures… Only 0.1 percent of the population suffers from severe headaches, but 15 percent of the population suffers from migraines.

Stone in the kidneys

This illness includes indescribable agony in and around the back that spreads to the abdomen and groin, nausea, vomiting, and poor breath. Fortunately, it can be treated well with fluid intake and surgery.

Trigeminal neuralgia

This condition is described as the worst pain in the world. It affects the nerve that sends messages from the center of the face to the brain, as a result of which patients feel sharp pain in the entire face. The pain is so severe that patients always remember with incredible accuracy the moment and place when they first experienced it. The intensity of the pain is huge, and even trying to help them is difficult, because any contact intensifies the pain.

Spinal cord injury

People with this illness may be stabbed by “phantom parts,” or body parts that have been amputated or paralyzed. In this situation, the brain perceives the missing limb as if it still existed, because the brain does not register the defect, only the pain from the location where it used to be.


Because the damaged nerves lie under the skin, burned skin causes persistent pain that becomes worse every time the skin is stretched. Furthermore, assisting in the form of cleansing or any sort of touch causes new, excruciating pain.

Yolk attack

A bile attack is a sudden pain that lasts one to five hours and is followed by vomiting and fever. The symptoms are similar to those of a kidney stone, however the gallstone is cholesterol-based rather than calcium-based. These two conditions are less likely to develop if you eat well and exercise regularly.


Everyone has a different experience with childbirth, but this type of pain is usually used as a unit of measurement for everyone else.

“I had a yolk attack, I was rolling on the floor in agony, and the nurse told me it was the worst pain she had ever felt – before giving birth,” said Dr Basbum.

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