Uric acid joints

How to Get Rid of Uric Acid in Your Joints

Uric acid is a chemical that results from the breakdown of nucleic acids. When this acid becomes too concentrated, it deposits in the joints, causing gout. The following are some tips for lowering your acid uric level.

Cucumber juice is alkaline and aids in the reduction of body temperature as well as the removal of uric acid from the joints. If you have gout, a detoxification treatment based on cucumber, ginger, and celery is recommended to help you eliminate toxins.

The juice that helps eliminating uric acid


1 medium sized cucumber

2 pieces of celery;

1 slice of lemon;

1 cm ginger root.

Mode of preparation:

Wash the vegetables, cut them up, and combine the ingredients in a blender. Once or twice a day, drink the juice you’ve obtained.

Uric acid accumulation in the joints can be avoided.

The breakdown of purines results in the generation of uric acid (these are proteins that can be found in several types of foods). This acid is carried through the bloodstream, filtered by the kidneys, and eliminated in the urine.

It gets deposited in the joints if it is produced in excess, causing gout. Alcohol, diuretics, obesity, hypothyroidism, and renal failure are among the most prevalent reasons of increased uric acid levels. Meat, asparagus, spinach, beans, peas, mushrooms, and cauliflower are examples of foods that cause a rise in uric acid in the body. When uric acid levels in the body are high, there are usually minimal symptoms. The best way to find out is through a standard blood test.

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