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Purifying Diet With Oat Flakes

One of the healthiest foods that is often trapped in dietary diet regimens are oat flakes. They are a phenomenal wellspring of starches, vegetable fats, proteins, B, E and A nutrients, potassium, magnesium and iron, and others.

When we consume oats, we not only feel gray and vigorous, but we also take care of the health of the stomach. Oatmeal, when prepared only with water, can help to purify the body and to eliminate excess pounds.

We share a three-day diet plan that will help you purify the body. If you feel good you can continue to follow the mode week or two.

Day one

Breakfast: cup oat flakes, prepared only with water, 5 raw nuts, a glass of green tea

Lunch: dish oatmeal, prepared only with water and sweetened with teaspoon of honey, cucumber salad

Dinner: a plate of oats and a handful of fresh seasonal fruits

Second day

Breakfast: a glass of oat flakes, a glass of naturally sour milk

Lunch: dish oatmeal, prepared only with water and sweetened with a teaspoon of honey, a glass of green tea and half a grapefruit

Dinner: Disturbances made from oats, 2 pieces. plums, 2 pieces of dried apricots and 1 fig

Day third

Breakfast: cup oatmeal

Lunch: cup natural yogurt, cup oat flakes, sweetened with teaspoon honey, 1 orange, cup of green tea

Dinner: Oat flakes to which you added a handful of raisins

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