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What Is The Secret Of A Long Youth?

The secret of a long-term youth is in seven-hour sleep, algae and coffee, according to Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, who received the Nobel Prize for the detection of telomeres, which determine whether we are aging well

Exaggerating carbonated drinks still stays as well as smoking for five years.

Telomeres are the defensive endpoints of chromosomes that shield the DNA from harm. It is realized that they have been diminishing throughout the years. A scaled down contrast long show a risk of cancer or illness.

As indicated by Dr. Blackburn, telomeres are quickly influenced just by constant pressure, yo-yo abstains from food, white bread, and sugar. The Mediterranean diet rich in vitamins and a few coffees a day can still be continued.

The length of the telomeres is acquired not just by guardians. It is controlled by the lifestyle and stress. When gathering pounds in the midsection, the danger of their decrease is expanded by 40 percent. They can at present be balanced out by eating routine, development and sleep.

Sufficient sleep keeps telomeres young as well as coffee. Research among 4,000 women showed that those who drink coffee have longer telomeres.

Whole grains, algae, seafood, vegetables also help for longer telomeres, according to Korean scientists. And according to American experts, carbohydrates and dairy products are not their enemies, unlike carbonated drinks.

The body of people who drink two carbonated drinks a day, are five years older. A glass of sodas daily increases the age of telomeres for two years and a person becomes susceptible to diseases like diabetes.

Among foods that reduce the length of telomeres is also processed meat, rice, pasta, biscuits, ice cream.

These recommendations have been published in the new book, The Effects of Telomeres, written by Dr. Blackburn, along with Dr. Epel of the University of California.

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