How To Include Almonds In The Menu

Almonds are helpful nuts. They contain significant carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. High-fat almonds daily help accelerate digestion, take out stomach fat and lessen terrible cholesterol.

It may seem easier to bite just a few almonds a day, but not always a person is eating nuts just like that. To avoid being deprived of their health benefits, you can include them in the menu in several ways.

Here’s how:

In the smoothie

If you have a blender or juicer at home it will be very easy to add milky nuts or fruit and vegetable juices. In this manner the body will process the blend of supplements a lot simpler, since it will be in a semi-result structure for digestion.

Instead of flour

Instead of using flour, bread crumbs, or other raw materials for cheese such as chips and crushed cornflakes, you can use crushed almonds.

Ground almonds are blended with almond flour and the meat you have defrosted is boiling in this mixture. It is a lot more advantageous, and valuable proteins are held with this technology.

In addition to the morning breakfast

If you are eating healthy in the morning and have a glass of oatmeal with fruit, you can add some ground almonds, mixed with a few tablespoons of almond oil.

This blend is ideal for desserts as well as for pies and pancakes.

In the sauce

Almonds are an incredible expansion to your sauces. The mix of squashed almonds, ground ginger, garlic, turmeric and red pepper is more than healthy.

You can add the sauce along with almond milk or dessert oil, savory dishes, fresh salads and even soups.

In addition to spicy dishes

Thin sliced this nuts can be added not only to desserts but also to spicy dishes, including those with cinnamon, rice, cooked or baked vegetables, pumpkin, lentils.

Fill the almonds and soak them in red pepper and a little almond oil. Leave them in the fridge for 2 hours to mix the aromas and flavors and then add them to your dish while warm.

The conclusion is that almonds go with almost all products and dishes! Enjoy their beneficial nutritional properties in numerous ways.

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