Flat feet

Simple Exercises That Will Help You Get Rid Of Flat Feet

Flat feet are the most frequent foot abnormality.

Almost all children have this abnormality, however it should be corrected over time.

However, the deformity can sometimes persist and produce a variety of issues, including improper weight distribution, joint pain, and so on.

However, there are a few activities that can help you tackle this issue.

People with flat feet of any age should engage in therapeutic gymnastics. Doctors frequently recommend orthopedic shoes, physiotherapy, and regular gymnastics when they diagnose the condition.

Of course, if you have this problem, you should see a doctor, but you can attempt the following exercises at home:

  1. Sit in a chair and place your hands behind your back. Extend your legs forward and slowly turn your feet clockwise. Do 10 repetitions, then change direction and repeat 10 more times.
  2. Raise your toes slowly as you stand up straight. Stay in position for 1-2 seconds. Throughout the day, do the exercise 20 to 30 times.
  3. Bend your feet up and down while sitting. Change positions after 1–2 seconds of holding.
  4. You will need a tennis ball for this exercise. Sit on a chair and roll the ball on the floor with your foot. If you do not have a ball, you can massage your feet with a massager.
  5. Scatter pens, marbles, and other small things across the floor and try to catch them with your toes. Grab 10 objects with each foot.
  6. During the day, take frequent breaks and rotate your feet. This will improve blood flow.

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