A Bad Habit Can Be The Cause Of Lung Inflammation

These sickening propensities for kids, yet in addition numerous grown-ups, can be the reason for aggravation of the lungs!

By blinking the nose, dangerous bacteria that cause pneumonia can spread, experts say.

Researchers encourage guardians to guarantee that kids’ toys and hands are in every case clean, so as to maintain a strategic distance from the spread of microscopic organisms to other individuals, including older relatives that are helpless to disease.

“Pneumococcal contaminations are a typical reason for death around the world, and it is assessed that 1.3 million youngsters under five years old are losing life consistently as an outcome of such illnesses,” said scientist Dr. Victoria Conor . “More established individuals or individuals with flimsier resistance, for example, those with ceaseless ailments, are likewise at more serious danger of these maladies.”

Dr. Conor emphasizes that the knowledge about the transmission of such infections is poor, which is why this research was done. “If we understand better how bacteria spread, we can better protect ourselves from pneumococcal infections.”

The researchers concluded that bacteria can be transferred from hand to nose regardless of whether people flick their nose or just rub it with their palm to scratch, “It may not be realistic to explain to children that they should not touch it nose or rubbing it, and the presence of bacteria can sometimes strengthen their immune system, so it is not clear if it would be best for children to completely prevent the spread of these bacteria.

In any case, experts advise you to take care of your own and the hygiene of your children, which includes regular hand washing and cleaning or washing toys, to reduce the risk of contracting such infections.

“This is the first study to show that pneumococcal microorganisms are transmitted through direct contact, and not just through the air,” says the leader of the European Society for Respiratory Diseases, prof. Tobias Welte.

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